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Maintenance & Compliance

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Custom tailored inspection reporting system, generated site and Crane specific. Our Inspection and Maintenance program is the industry leader. We offer hard copy and Computer Web based access to all of our customers, with user name and password access, through our “Customer Portal.” You have access to your inspections and OSHA documentation anytime, anywhere via the web.

Compliance inspections and routine maintenance help to evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities, and minimize downtime. CraneTech offers industry-leading crane maintenance and inspection services that will satisfy manufacturer’s recommendation as well as regulatory requirements established by governmental authorities such as OSHA and Cal/OSHA. Our crane maintenance programs and regulatory compliance inspections are designed to ensure that your overhead crane equipment is safe, reliable, and compliant at all times.

As a leading crane maintenance and inspection provider, we leverage our industry experience and expertise to give our clients total peace of mind. We understand your requirements, as well as the challenges you face; this knowledge is what sets us apart from other crane maintenance and inspection providers. It’s what allows us to fully satisfy your crane maintenance and compliance inspection needs.

Our approach to maintenance and compliance is another differentiator. More than the generic, 50-point crane inspections and maintenance programs offered by some of our competitors, our programs are custom tailored to each client, each crane, and each jobsite we serve. Our approach ensures that we account for all important variables unique to your crane or jobsite.

As part of our comprehensive, industry-leading approach, we provide our customers with anytime/anywhere online access to inspections, maintenance reports, and compliance documentation via our proprietary customer portal. This is just another example of how CraneTech is leading the crane inspection and maintenance industry. Experience the difference for yourself.

CraneTech provides the following essential crane services:

  • Compliance Inspections – Our trained and accredited crane technicians provide essential inspection services to keep your equipment compliant with local, state, and federal regulations and requirements, including OSHA and Cal/OSHA.
  • Preventive Maintenance Inspections – Our crane maintenance inspections are designed to reduce downtime through the early detection of risks, defects, and repairs. These maintenance inspections are intended to be preventive rather than reactive, which means greater peace of mind that your equipment is safe and reliable.
  • Routine Maintenance Service Programs – We provide weekly, monthly, and as-needed routine maintenance service agreements based on your equipment, application, and duty cycle.

CraneTech is your go-to expert for maintenance and compliance inspections. We custom tailor everything we do to your unique needs and provide solutions that satisfy all of your unique requirements.

Contact us online or give us a call to learn more about our crane maintenance and compliance inspection services, or to schedule service today.


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