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Hook on the crane under the roof of factory
Factory overhead crane installation on rail, 
can movement to every where in factory area.

Upgrade your existing Crane System to maximize production. Increase product longevity through Modernizations of Equipment and Control Systems.

Modifications to existing Cranes and supporting structure for increased capacity

Control and Electrification upgrades to improve Load Control and increase production

Are your cranes fit for the future? More importantly, are they fit for today? If your existing crane equipment cannot keep up with the demands of your jobsite, or if you are worried that your crane systems will soon put you at a competitive disadvantage, contact CraneTech to experience all the advantages and peace of mind of a new crane for a much lower price.

Modernization solutions allow crane owners to extend the life of their original investment without sacrificing performance, safety, or reliability. As an alternative to replacing your existing crane, modernization brings up-to-date, state-of-the-art components and technologies to aging (but otherwise acceptable) crane systems. By replacing hoists, trolleys, operator cabs, controls, power transmission systems, and even the wiring, you can increase the capacity, speed, duty, and load control of your existing crane without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a brand-new system.

If your crane’s critical components are reaching the end of their service life while at the same time your production demands are increasing, or if your application has changed or the cost and time spent maintaining aged crane equipment is rising, you may benefit from a crane modernization project. Of course, modernization is not the right solution for every crane. That is why CraneTech will consult with you to make the best decision to either modernize or replace based on your needs and budget.

At CraneTech, we believe in spending our customer’s money as if it were our own. Our approach will give you peace of mind and confidence that our recommendation is based on what’s best for you, not what’s best for our bottom line. We will help you make the smart, economical choice for your business.

Our crane modernization solutions include:

  • Re-engineering to meet new regulatory and/or production requirements
  • Structural modifications for increased capacity
  • Control and electrical upgrades to improve load control and increase production
  • Service-life extension upgrades to extend the life of your crane
  • Crane reliability studies and engineering assessments to provide modernization recommendations

Increase uptime, reduce downtime, slash maintenance costs, and expand your current capabilities with crane modernizations by CraneTech.

Call or contact us online to learn how we can upgrade existing crane system to meet your needs, requirements, and specifications.

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Allow us the opportunity for our highly qualified staff to visit your site, meet with your team, and collaborate on what component or product will best fit your application and budget. Thus affording our expertise to creatively combine with your needs prior to the decision making process. We have proven many times that by allowing us to be involved early in the project, we can increase end-user production while potentially lowering overall costs of the project due to our innovative approach.