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New Equipment & Fabrication

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Manual, Electric and Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Jib Cranes and Workstation Crane Systems

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Fall Arrest Systems

We offer everything from standard equipment to custom engineered Crane Systems designed to fit your every need and application.

Have your capabilities, offerings, and jobsites outgrown your existing equipment? Call CraneTech and get the crane you need with all the features you want. We have helped countless crane companies throughout the United States upgrade and expand their crane fleet. CraneTech is a fully-engineered turnkey and custom crane builder & manufacturer. We are your go-to source for hoists, jib cranes, overhead bridge cranes, workstation crane systems, and any other type of crane system to fit your every need, application, and specification.

Whether you are looking to upgrade, add a new crane to your fleet, or purchase your first crane, CraneTech can provide you with the fit, finish, and functionality you are looking for. We offer everything from standard crane equipment to custom-engineered crane systems. No request is too small, too large, or too complex for our highly experienced engineers and fabricators.

Over the years, CraneTech has earned the reputation as a leading provider of new crane systems and equipment. We go above and beyond to satisfy all of your needs and stop at nothing to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their new systems and equipment.

We leverage our industry experience and expertise to design, build, and deliver best-in-class cranes that are second to none.

At CraneTech, we offer:

  • Bid Spec’ing and Crane Consultation – Send us a competitive bid packaging and we’ll provide a detailed estimate for building that design. We also offer consultation services to help you design the right crane solution for any industry, application, or jobsite.
  • In-House Crane Manufacturing and Fabrication – As a full design/build crane company, we keep manufacturing and fabrication in-house to ensure the highest quality build. Other crane builders may outsource some or all fabrication to third parties, but not us. By keeping everything in-house, we can guarantee the quality, reliability, safety, and performance of our crane systems and equipment.
  • Customizable Fit and Finishing Options – Looking for a competitive advantage? A fully branded crane is one way to stand out. We will customize your crane at no additional charge. Custom colors, logos, and all the bells and whistles you’d ever want or need come standard on a CraneTech crane.

Call or contact us online to get started on your new crane system. We promise to deliver the crane you need while exceeding your expectations of what a crane builder can do.

Get A Quote For Your Next Project

Allow us the opportunity for our highly qualified staff to visit your site, meet with your team, and collaborate on what component or product will best fit your application and budget. Thus affording our expertise to creatively combine with your needs prior to the decision making process. We have proven many times that by allowing us to be involved early in the project, we can increase end-user production while potentially lowering overall costs of the project due to our innovative approach.